You’ve watched them win affiliate contests on a whim, dominate their niche
and attract sales in droves. If you want to be a super affiliate and rake
in sales by the bunch, then these 2 tips will boost sales into orbit.

#1 Secret

The secret to success is keyword research. You have to reverse engineer
prolific affiliates and see exactly where they advertise and which are
their top performing campaigns so you can replicate the exact same success.

Spy tools come pretty handy at that.

One you do that, using sophisticated market research tools, you’ll be eons
ahead from the pack and lead your way to the top. That’s just one “affiliate secret” that once mastered can boost your bottom line dramatically.

#2 Secret

Buy targeted, low-cost traffic en masse. Once you’ve found an offer that converts, time to blast it with targeted traffic without breaking the bank. There are traffic suppliers (check this one penny advertising program)┬áthat can pin down the exact keywords you want to promote for any given offer and make you sales on auto-pilot. It’s a real “set it and forget it” scenario. That kind of traffic comes cheap too without compromising quality.

Ever wondered how “super affiliates” dominate leaderboards?

Well, there you have it.

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