My experience with Odysee is good as a user, although they need to
work on buffering the videos If you live under a rock, Odysee was
discovered by the Cosmic Master – now let’s get to the point.

Odysee has a Rewards Program for Creators. There also is your audience.
Money can add up pretty quickly and you can (or can’t) use Stripe.
It’s been days since we submitted the credentials they asked from us.

Still fingers crossed.


A great concept with a fantastic frontpage Odysee is. People like to express
themselves via comments as you receive credits, depending on how popular your video is. If it pays, it’s a fabulous idea that can add a stream of income as they pay frequently.Hopefully Odysee’s processor doesn’t just keep the documents you send and decline you altogether.Silly excuses some processors make, is that your documents aren’t visible to the eye. If that’s the case, run as fast as you can.

I will update you when I convert those massive credits…to cash in hand.

I enjoy their exclusive content and get paid anyway.

Also they allow you to go “wild”, break the social norm and tap into a fresh new audience.

Update: 21 of June, 2022

The “good” news with Odysee is that they seem to have solved
the buffering issues they had. Still no payday and it is not
clear when you get paid or not. The worst part is that we have
zero views on our hundreds of videos so you can feel the
shadowbanning effect kick into gear.

So the bad news is that they ditch your videos unless you already
have a strong following. They expect you to send them traffic or expect
zilch in return. It seemed like an interesting proposal in the beginning
but politics were quick to catch up with them.