Imagine if you knew the exact same keywords, your customers are using to land on your website and buy your service or product. I will share with you a simple but intuitive way where you can tap on your target market’s share and put your competitors to shame.

And I am not talking just about keywords but keyword phrases. As you may know, keyword phrases are much more targeted and reflect exactly what the target audience wants. Instead of using broad match keywords, you target your audience with the exact same keywords that fit their buyer profile.

You see, there’s google keyword planner but the keyword planner is not designed for SEO. This gem is. And it’s simple and fully automated. It can save you hours of painstaking research and can perform market research like a breeze. Therefore you can craft the perfect article for your website and include only buying keywords thus siphoning traffic from all the major search engines… traffic with credit card in hand.

I don’t know about you but I feel like a kid in a candy store. Knowing which keywords your customers use, is like scanning their minds for what it is worth. Trust me, it’s worth a fortune knowing what real customers are typing in the search engine so you can weed out the tire kickers and boost your ROI. Or maybe you want to write a press release with your keywords sprinkled all over the body of the article.

When it comes to market research, it’s all about insider info. Or else how they call it, an inside job. Imagine being privy of all the winning keyword phrases your potential customers are using online right now.

Another cool feature of Wordtracker is using untapped keywords. Now this is getting very interesting because the competition is virtually nowhere to be found. And this is where you come in. Few or nobody is bothering with these markets and therefore niches are formed. And it’s not limited to SEO but takes into account Amazon and Youtube keywords.

knowing your customers is like sitting pretty on a goldmine.

When you go to wage a war, go with full guns blazing.

Check out this powerful keyword tracker tool and say hello to your new little friend.